Atomic Shelf Upcycle

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Atomic Shelf Upcycle

My Atomic Shelf How To

atomic shelf upcycle

Step 1 Hang it and dream about what it can become.


atomic shelf

Step 2 See how much room that I have to use for building the wine glass holder


Step 3 Attach small pieces of trim that I got from Home Depot to make the lip for hanging wine glasses. Obviously I skipped that picture and here is the lip after it was painted.


spray paint

Step 4 Spray paint my heart out and try not to choke my neighbors out. I am still waiting for someone to come by and say they have a polka dot car.


Retro Shelf

Step 5 Be sure that my glasses fit and can slide all the way across once the paint has dried.


Step 6 Marvel at the hidden wine glass groove.

Mirror Shelf

Step 7 Time to start adding the little touches around the shelf.


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