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Teach Respect

People are always amazed when they here that I have cats and rats…and they get along.  They may not love each other, but from a young age they were taught to respect and be gentle with…

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Support Cancer Awareness

For the last several years my husband has done a “Pink” breast cancer awareness fundraiser with his Spring Valley Futbol Team. Last year I had the pleasure to help design the shi…

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Family Matters

This past weekend my husband and I celebrated our marriage with family and friends in Warwick NY. It ended up being a gorgeous day, despite the chances of rain. Mother nature did right by u…

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Wedding Countdown

Wedding Countdown?! Actually, its a Party Countdown!  We already tied the knot on 3-21-15, so although I still have a good amount to do…its not stressful.  I am starting to get the fee…

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Just Married

Read about my ‪#‎nuptials‬, ‪#‎Cinderella‬ dress and the best damn ‪#‎milkshake‬ ever! …

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Vintage Engagement Ring

I am a little late on the delivery of this news, but I got ENGAGED on Christmas. It was a lovely day with family and I couldn’t possibly be any happier. Well aside from my amazing husb…

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