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Champion RadiatorMy new Champion Radiator…proof that I work on my own car… Of course my husband was there for moral support and to have fun with me while I was getting greasy. SCROLL DOWN AND SEE THE VIDEO…

If you need to get a replacement radiator for your Plymouth Fury….do not try your local auto parts store. In my case, the recommended part did not even come close to fitting the car.

Even more of a joke was going to a local radiator shop that wanted to “make” the wrong size rad fit….and take several hundred more dollars out of my pocket (in addition to what I spent on the ugly black radiator.)

Solution: Listen to your friends that know best! Back to my Plymouth Fury and get the recommended choice…Champion Cooling Systems. (Thank you Damian, its so nice and shiny!) So a little background information on Champion…

I figured when I went to the site Damian gave me, it appeared to be the manufacturer as the url was champioinradiators However, I called several times to double check the model I needed and I never got an answer. I was 100% calling during hours and got the number directly from the website. So onward, I researched a little deeper and found that Champion Cooling Systems has their own site, but they do not sell directly. You need to go with a retailer. So then I noticed that I was actually calling Ledfoot racing, and THEY were the ones not answering the phone. Easy enough…find a retailer that wanted to talk with me!

Go to www.ChampionRadiators.NET owned by Michael from Reliable Radiator and he will get you all set up! He sent me out to my car and to take measurements and decided where all the hose outlets needed to be located. Answered my questions about fans and installation, plus he was pleasant! Unlike, the local Advance Auto (Boo). He mentioned that there could be minor adjustments, aka in mine case two bolts do not match up. But, overall it was easy to install, watch the video and find out!

UpDate: I got metal zip ties because the new local auto shop (I found an Auto Zone with pleasant workers) didn’t have the plastic ones for electric fans. So I imagine they will work just as good, if not better. I got my two bolts and will be tightening it down today!

Billet Fill Neck
Brazed Core Technology
All Aluminum
Aircraft Grade Aluminum 2mm Thick
14-16 Fins per inch
OEM Brass Petcock
3/8″ Spaced Tubes
16 Lb. Cap Included

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