Cigars: Classy or Not?

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Cigars: Classy or Not?


I am curious how many ladies out there enjoy cigars? Appreciating the ritual, company or spirits that may compliment a fine smoke.  Or maybe you are one of those people that think “no true lady” would put her lips on a fat stogie.  Well now that you have a visual in mind, what are your thoughts on smoking cigars.  

Of course there is always negatives with just about anything in excess, but let’s step away from any health points.  I am talking about the aesthetic point of view.  I can think of a few reasons that people might think it’s unattractive.  The first is smoking in general and the other that comes to mind is…the sexual innuendo . Obviously some woman can be sexy doing just about anything, think Marilyn Monroe singing happy birthday to Kennedy.  Then others that can’t eat a banana in public without feeling inappropriate. Where do you fit in?

There are times that I feel self conscious about smoking cigars in public, but on my porch or lounge room I feel like a “boss”.

How often do you smoke a cigar?

I might smoke 2 times month if I averaged it out…

What is your favorite brand?

I like the sweet mild flavor of Acid Cigars, slightly a wimp I know.

Do you buy them online, store or go to a cigar bar?

I have yet to buy any online, as my local cigar shop carries Acid and I don’t know how to search for others I might like.

Do you choose a petite size or larger?

I snagged this chart from Stogie On The Rocks @stogiesotr_eric

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