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Newspaper Print Handbag

I reluctantly have to admit that facebook advertising must work. But for this I am happy, because I would not have come across if they were not suggested to me with an appealing outfit that sparked my interest. Once there, I was shocked and slightly skeptical at the low prices. My daughter even backed up that concern with her knowledgeable experience of online shopping. But, damn for the price….what did I have to lose.

I started this shopping experience with a display of the best customer service experience ever! You see I ordered a dress that I was going to wear to a wedding. I thought the dress was cream and black when I first ordered it and prayed to the gods that it would be delivered in a few short days. The next morning when I woke up and was double checking my order I gasped at realizing the dress was white lace and black. I quickly googled what would happen to me if I wore a white dress as a wedding guest and conferred with my daughter @Cuteichai once again. Well, deciding that I didn’t want to be blacklisted from future wedding lists. I canceled the order. The prompt attention and courteous nature of contacting thrilled me. For I had paid expedited shipping for an order that I didn’t really need. How could possible not reorder something more fitting?

Well it was obvious to me that I didn’t have time to pick out a new dress and could make do with the classic dresses that I got at the thrift store that were just begging to be worn. So I started over and decided purses is what I really needed. I had to narrow down my initial choice. I decided on three in total, but this post is about the newspaper print handbag.

I was so impressed with the quality of the newsprint fabric material. It has a slight sheen to it, so I imagine it will be easy to wipe down if needed. The patten leather straps are a little cheap, but I wouldn’t let it deter me from buying the bag at a price lower that $10 bones. The bag is huge! If you are a clever traveler, this could literally be taken somewhere as a surprise overnight bag. Let’s face it ladies, sometimes we know when we are going to be a house guest. This bag is unassuming enough to fit the bill, but big enough for your toiletries and a clean pair of panties!

The bag has three interior pouches with one being the typical zipper compartment. I am a little bummed that my new iphone 6 does not fit in the two smaller pouches so it will either get loss in the mix or carried by hand. But the smaller pouches would be perfect for lipstick and keys.

Overall, I am definitely ordering from again and I can’t wait to try out the other two purses that I got in this order!

Newspaper Print Handbag

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