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I got this black beauty, as a restoration project for my daughter to help pass down the love of classic cars to the next generation. The car also happens to be a daily driver which can be a challenge when the car is need of a steady flow of upgrades and parts, while maintaining its road worthiness.

“Lady” as we like to call her is a 1968 Plymouth Fury III. Its a four door, which is not as desirable by many car enthusiasts, but is just the project for Devo and I to rebuild as an affordable american classic. I purchased the car in Niagra Falls with little rust and a far from great flat paint job, but good from afar. The first order of business was to get the car road worthy and to pass NY inspection. The car practically had no shocks on the back and the originals still on the front, which you could imagine left for a bumpy ride. Now she sails down the road like never before and after a few minor repairs to signals, exhaust and basics such as alternator, battery and a tune-up she was on the road.

The next main project was to work on the carburetor, since the car was stalling, having a difficult time starting and overall running properly, we purchased a new 2 barrel carburetor and after a little fine tuning the car now is a lot more reliable. As with many old cars sometimes your list of priorities change due to the car choosing for you. Now that the car was running better and the weather warmed up, the engine was getting dangerously hot until it finely peaked and left us girls stranded. We had no choice but to pop into the nearest mechanic and to make a long story short, was told the engine was no good and we’d need to buy a new one and that our precious new project was a dump. After getting the car towed to “MY” mechanic they took a look at the supposedly worthless engine and quickly knew that the REAL problem was just an inexpensive new radiator cap! This is where experience comes in handy and needless to say I was pleasantly surprised.

Back to the priority list, brakes. The Fury has drum brakes and since I was concerned about Devo having to put all of her weight into stopping this 2 ton beast, I wanted to convert it to power brakes. Bam… installed a vacuum brake booster.

The saga continues, visit the other links under Classic Cars for more restoration projects.

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