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Acne Cure

Acne Cure – Find some tips on the link that I found. Health Hot Solution …

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Classic Car Personalities

You either get it or you don’t. People often asked “when will I get a real car?” How much more real can you get than a 2 1/2 ton hunk of steel on wheels? Sure, no a/c or re…

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Rowmote Remote Control

1st World Problem: How do I adjust the volume of my Mac Daddy when rocking out to tunes in my Lounge. Its only 6 feet away, but I made this gorgeous rope wall as a room divider and you have …

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Football Freudian Slips

I am coining Football Freudian Slips – This season I have been listening to football games more than I care to admit.  Usually if ai am subjected to football, it makes for a perfe…

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Sunday Funday Football Snacks

Let’s here it for Sunday Funday Football Snacks! I approach Football Sundays as a special day of the week, I feel like I can pretty much do whatever I want. Not that I can’t any …

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The “Amazing Lady” Smokes A Cigar In 30 Seconds!

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Shoe Love!

Spring Trends