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Rat Rod Wax

Rat Rod Wax Disclaimer, its not an actual wax…nor a product that has an original purpose of shining your body…HOWEVER it works and I have done it twice with no bad affects to the paint. Keep in mind when I say paint, I use the word loosely. I think mine is actually premiered as its faded a great deal since I bought the car…from a nice dull black to an ashy gray.

So what’s a girl do do when she’s ashy? Moisturize, which is exactly what I did to Lady, my 68′ Plymouth Fury III. I can’t afford a new paint job and really the crabby primer job isn’t the worst and I can deal with for another year or so. BUT I really did want her to be polished up, so after talking with my local detailing shop he mentioned a magic trick that “guys” used to do back in the day to keep their hot rods looking sharp…READY FOR IT?

One more thing, its not environment/pet friendly. SO yes I do use caution…Transmission Fluid. This opaque red concoction of lord knows what is the exact recipe to take my ashy “Lady” from looking ashy and unloved to sexy luster of velvety black!

Originally I had the detail shop do it, because I didn’t have time and had no idea how long it would take. I’d say that it lasted a couple of weeks and they went through less than one quart of Tranny Fluid. They put it on a rag and wiped it on. I could see a bit of the wipe mark in certain areas so I had the idea of getting a small paint roller to spread it out evenly and reach the areas my 5’2″ given height could reach.

Since then I use the roller for paint so instead I put the oil in a cheap squirt bottle from the dollar store and sprayed a nice even coat on and used a cloth to wipe it. I am not too worried about the cloth scratching the surface since its already pretty porous and scratched. I still think my original idea of the small paint roller would work nicely so I don’t get any wipe marks.

After applying it to a clean car (I hope you could figure that one out on your own…) I tried to wipe any excess off and then went back to the car wash and sprayed her off. This way any shit that should not be in my drive way is in the carwashes hands.

I’d say that it would probably last longer in an area with less rain, but for a couple bucks and about 20-45 minutes of my time this is a cheap and easy way to get a new looking paint job! Also I am parking under trees now where I live and I hope that the oil will help keep the sap that drops from really embedding into the porous primer. As when it rains the water just beads up and rolls off…its quite cool!

Let me know if you give it a try or have your own suggestions!

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