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Retro Shoulder Bag

Guys I tried to find the link to this perfect red shoulder bag that I got from, but its sold out now.  While I don’t want to rub in this amazing deal… It may help you choose another one of their purses.

Newsprint Bag

Take a moment to read about the other great purse I got with this purchase from,  It’s a newsprint bag with lots of space! Plus, it was also less that $10 and is 100% better than those totes you pay $40 bucks for in NYC. Anyways back to why I am so excited about this Retro Shoulder Bag. I have been looking for a red bag for years that isn’t too “red”, too cheap looking and that would fit my budget. Well this one is way less than I would have expected and I can’t wait to wear it on my birthday!

  1. It’s the perfect deep red color
  2. Eh, the price tag of less than $10
  3. Doesn’t look cheap
  4. Handle plus across body strap

Drum roll… The strap has an extra buckle to make it a back pack!

I wish they would restock this one so you could get one too!  No worries, I have one more bag to review… Keep an eye out!


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