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So in my ever growing list of what I want to do when I grow up….I added a new idea.  It uses my talents and the things I enjoy doing, Internet stuff!  Ready for it? Its a online t-shirt company that I get to be technical, creative and have fun with.  It’s my website, I named it and built it on a platform that allows users to design their own shirts with a coreldraw feature.  There is no design experience for the user, it really easy just like

My customers get to order one shirt or dozens with the ability that comes from DTG printing.  What that means, there are no extra art charges or set up so one shirt can be affordable.  Bonus, the DTG or direct to garment printing has the added texture of the design being a soft vintage feel.  I still offer screen printing for those customers that like the look or that need larger quantities.

So my customers get to be creative, make vintage style tee shirts that are affordable to buy just one.  But what do I get?  

Creativity:  I get to use my iPad pro and apple pencil (I love them both) to draw concepts that my husband and I come up with and list them on the store for sell.

Social Media: it’s no secret I love making posts for Instagram and the such, now I have more to share and another account to post it on.

Graphic Design:  flyers and banners for, awesome.

Lists & Organization:  I love making lists and keep track of the flow of orders, it’s like a Tetris game making the orders go to production and shipping.

Quality:  I don’t actually make the shirts, which allows be to stay creative and let the people that make awesome shirts do what they do!

Please take a moment to check out the site and give me any feedback on what I could do to make it better, or try it out and order a shirt!

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