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Support Cancer Awareness

For the last several years my husband has done a “Pink” breast cancer awareness fundraiser with his Spring Valley Futbol Team. Last year I had the pleasure to help design the shirt, with the proceeds going to the American Cancer Society. THIS YEAR, not only did I get to design the concept, my husband suggested that we use the proceeds to SUPPORT my cousin Carrie Davies Rhomus in her challenge against breast cancer.

We had just found out about a month before the soccer season started that Carrie had been diagnosed, it was a big shock to me. For one she is so very young and secondly its so easily to just go day by day without thinking of the struggles that others have until it happens close to home. Now, I will be the first to admit that I have not stayed in touch with hardly any of my relatives. As a military brat, I guess I sort of grew up without them so it didn’t change much later in life. But, I can say 100% that I adored Carrie when we were young and still do to this day. I know that she is a wonderful, caring and probably sassy lady and we all deserve to have her around for many, many more years. Especially her children and my Aunt Peg, who was always my favorite!

Back to the day that my husband, Ryan, suggested that we donate to Carrie… I cried. It never crossed my mind that there was anything that I could do, let alone make the connection of his Pink Shirt fundraiser. Plus, he knows how distant I am with my family… Why would he even make the connection?! Why because he is the sweetest, most wonderful husband any women could have in her life. He knew that this was an opportunity to make that connection for me (I am crying as I type this now…ok welling up!)

So to Carrie, even though its been decades since we had a good laugh together…my heart still cares about you! To all the other wonderful mothers, sisters and daughters that are good in the world and don’t deserve to have their lives cut short…let’s keep the goal of caring for one another in sickness and in health! It doesn’t have to just be for married couples…

I remember the Carebears being very popular that summer I spent watching you and Danielle…That was a great summer!

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