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The best nail poslish

The best nail poslishI was never one to have my nails done, because the polish chips off my nails within hours of applying it. Sure I could eat healthier and try to get stronger nail…which I recommend…Regardless I would still use the best nail polish out there, which is (Drum roll) Miracle Gel by Sally Hansen!

I have been using this polish for a few months now and I won’t use anything else, which has led me to acquire a nice selection of colors. They have tons to choose from and the best part is that you get the strength of the gel polish without the extra UV lights!

Click here to see all of the colors and places you can purchase this amazing polish!
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IMG_8754Pro – It does not chip for days, which for me never existed unless I got fake nails…which I hate! Yes, hate. Mostly because you can’t feel anything if you have an itch…so annoying!

Pro – It goes on thick and smooth, which helps level out any grooves in your nails. Plus, if you bump it while they are still wet its easy to fix up!

Pro – Easy to remove, I don’t even use polish remover. I can peel the color off and my natural nails are unstained!

Pro – Fun colors!!!

IMG_8574Con – Its more expensive and you do need to use their top coat, but its cheaper than a salon!

Con – I’m obsessed with doing my nails now…hehe

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