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Top 9 Favorite Instagram Accounts



In no specific order, mostly because I just could not decide… Here is WHY


I insta-met my internet best friend when she posted a little promo for her store.  I won super cute scrabble magnets that spelled out “I dig your butt”! Since then we’ve found that we are long lost sisters or something!

The store name is in honor of her parents and she curates the best of the 70s… check it out!


Where do I start?  I adore her, it first started when I watched Natural Born Killers…which is my all time favorite movie.  Then I was further intrigued watching her other movies… the personality and uniqueness that was displayed in her characters, the best.  Later found out that she was in a band called Juliette and the Licks and I became a “fan girl”.

I saw her band several times and loved that the venues were so personal, at the Casbah in San Diego I was at her feet.  Both, physically and emotionally… Moved away from Cali and missed going to her shows but never forgot about her.

Last year I started a painting of her, that I have yet to finish (tisk, tisk)…in my marketing mind, I went searching for her instagram account so I could share a photo of the painting with her when I was finished it (damn I need to finish it!)  After following her for selfish reasons of hoping she would love my painting… I discovered an entire new depth of JL amazingness!

She is inspirational, honest and real plus readily admits that she is not perfect…which is kinda perfect if you think about it!  It seems like she can articulate what many girls and women can not, and the world needs more women like her!


I used to do marketing for a vintage eyewear company and came across Miss Ginger Tulips to do a review for them.  There were a lot of bloggers I came across at the time, but there is something unique about this Red Headed doll.

Ok, I admit…I have a draw to Holland and she is dutch.  But there is more than that, she has ambition…I don’t know her personally, but I can see over the last year that she has pursued her passions, found love, moved to a new country…lost weight and has fallen more in love with herself.

More women need to take chances like she has and find happiness!

Mark Ryden

LA based artist that I came across in my early 20’s yes, two decades ago! Fell in love with his art and unique approach at standing out from the crowd.  I really can’t explain is art, you have to view it for yourself…in fact you can do that if you ask me to take off my shirt?!

GASP?! Say what…yep my back is tattooed with a replica of one of his paintings…if you are interested in seeing it you’ll have to browse my Instagram account…its in there.

Mark Ryden, please don’t look for royalties…hehehe if you do, you should have a stern talking with Megan Massacre from NY Ink, she did it for me!


Beards became very popular over the last few years and with that many companies and tons of instagram accounts to help support the beard lovers, which I am!  Hello…have you seen my husband?  Well out of all the accounts out there, this one is special to @coachryerye and I.

Not only do they showcase him as one of their bearded fellows all the time…I designed their logo! Woot Woot, beard on…


Another vintage car lover like myself, My Southern diary takes her passion of photography and cars and shares the most amazing lost and rusty souls…old cars.  I did an interview with her in Dec. 2014 about Classic Car Personalities, check it out here… Click Me


They sell (in their own words) “…cute, trendy, retro, vintage, pin-up, rave, eighties, rockabilly, costume, dance & school spirit clothing, accessories & kitschy cool

I first came across their store when I lived in California and was bummed that I never found a store like them once I moved to NY…until I came across them on AMAZON!

Not only is the style just what I am looking for, the prices are amazing!


Japanese love the american culture, which is funny considering because many americans are obsessed with Japanese styles!  How do I know this, well I often make assumption even though they say you shouldn’t.

BUT, I know first hand…I lived in Japan for four years!  At that time I was in High School and had not developed my mid-century love yet… Therefore I live vicariously through Cee Cee Divine!

She gets to be an American Pin Up in Japan, so not only does she get to share the love of mid century culture with the Japanese, she gets to enjoy Nippon…  Live it up girl!


Not sure if she knows I exist, but she played a big role in me branding myself with the pinup girl status.  Amanda is not only beautiful she is a smarty too, she makes it all look so easy… She was one of the first mid century fans I started following and I took some notes by watching what she did… If I recall the picture that did it for me was one of her and her “now” husband standing side by side and she was wearing the most adorable plaid dress from Mod Cloth… hooked.


For those of you that are surprised that @coachryerye is not in the list…come on that was a given! Enjoy my picks and check out their profiles for yourself!




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